Change Acceleration: Two Perspectives

Event Date: Wednesday, July 22, 2020
Event Time: 2:00 pm
Event Category / Group: Education / Events

The old cliché, "nothing is constant but change," has certainly worn itself out over the past few months. With the confluence of a pandemic, an economic downturn, social unrest, new health expectations/standards and high unemployment, the rules, regulations, customs, and practices of all CMAA clubs and members have had to change and look at business and life differently. As club leaders with accountability to deliver excellence in both product and service, this involves engaging your team of employees and meeting your club members' expectations while reducing the effort they have to put forth to utilize and enjoy their benefit. This means that you need to process and manage these changes from two perspectives: 1) For your constituents, but also, 2) For yourself.

This session will take a high level look at the nature of individual change from a feeling, thought, and behavior perspective and extrapolate your personal change management to what you as leader need to provide to your organization – your employees and members -- for them to accelerate through change. This is the management of "organizational change."

Look to take away a few tips, but more importantly, a context and perspective for managing change in your organization

David Fares MA, JD, Insperity


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