Summer Road Trip

Event Date: Tuesday, August 20, 2024
Event Category / Group: Education / Events
Event Location: Will meet at Fairview CC and proceed to location

Baldor Speciality Foods is hosting an education like none other. A bus ride to LaBelle Farms in Sullivan County, NY followed by a stop at Monticello Motor Club.

Thank you to Baldor Speciality Food

Jeffrey Lara, Sales Executive

John Hansburg

 More about LaBelle Farms - We will experience a guided tour of La Belle Farms, a 40-acre, family-run, duck farm located in Sullivan County, NY.  It is one of three farms in the country that produce foie gras. The farm was established by the Saravia family in 1999 and has supported four generations of family members. It currently produces over 182,000 ducks per-year for high-quality foie gras and other superior duck meat products. Their management team constantly travels around the world, learning about the latest production methods and keeping tabs on culinary trends. 

 More about Monticello Motor Club - Monticello Motor Club sits on the property of what once was the Monticello Airport. Founding Members began joining and using the Club in 2007, and in 2008 the Drive and Race Club was renamed Monticello Motor Club The racetrack is comprised of 4.1 miles of pristine race-grade asphalt. The course is 3.6 miles long, with 20 turns and 450 feet of elevation changes. The course can also be run in North (1.9 miles), South (1.6 miles), and Mushroom (0.7 miles) configurations. The club boasts member dining and private events. Menus are inspired by seasonal ingredients sourced locally from the Hudson Valley and Catskills, ensuring a delightful and authentic culinary journey.

 Thank you to Monticello Motor Club

Ionel Porumb, GM/COO 
Frankie Ortiz, AGM 
Donna Cruz, HR Director



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